Types Of Data Analytics

types of data Analytics

Analytics which have used many modern day organizations. There are been four types of data analytics which are used in most of the business sectors.

Types of data Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics 
types of data Analytics

1. Descriptive Analytics – What happened?

Descriptive Analytics which shows the current data , whats happening currently. It is the live data, which is accurate.

For Example:- A cricket match between England and Australia. Since the current score, run rate, and player strike rate comes in the Descriptive Analytics.

2. Diagnostic Analytics- Why it is happened?

Diagnostic Analytics which find the root cause, to know why it is happening. On which data is based or changed. Diagnostic Analytics are made with the Data collected by Descriptive Analytics.

Find of the cause will comes under Diagnostic Analytics.

Continued the First Example:- Assume England is scoring well, Finding the cause of scoring well comes under Diagnostic Analytics. This might be finding the cause of some player is playing well Or any oppoent player is got hurt or not playing well due which Australia is performing badly.

3. Predictive Analytics- What might Happen?

Predictive Analytics which show what might happen in the future likewise Forecasting. Analytics helps in finding what is going to happen in the future based on the historical data or live data, such as an increase in demand future due to a decrease in price.

Continued Second Example:- So, the Forecasting the opponent team score, with Historical data of each player’s.

Predictive Analytics is forecasting or what might happen in future.

 4. Prescriptive Analytics- What Should we do?

Prescriptive Analytics is to know what to do for Predicted Data. Whereas it is the next step to Predictive Analytics. Decisions made for the predicted future is by use of Prescriptive Analytics.

Whereas, the predicted data is been analyzed with the help of Algorithm and Machine learning. Suitable next best decision is going to decide.   

For Example:- Based on Predictive Analytics England predicted that there can be a chance of losing the match. Therefore, England chooses that next best strategy for batting side or bowling side.


All types of business sectors (sports, hospital, stock exchange, and etc) use these four types of data analytics. Whereas Future of the business depended on the analytics. In some cases three or two types in some sector or cases.

How Netflix uses the Big data to increase the customer Satisfaction?

How Netflix uses the big data as increase in the customer satisfaction. Use of big Data in Netflix in various way. To promote themselves.  



Netflix started in the year 1997 founded by ‘Reed Hastings(CEO) ‘ and‘Marc Randolph’. As a company which operated in the     DVD-by-rental. In 1999, the company introduced a DVD subscription service, Providing unlimited rentals on a monthly subscription basis. In 2000, it introduced the personalized movie recommendation mechanism that employed subscribers’ ratings to forecast the preferences of all Netflix subscribers.

Netflix was shipping around 1.6 million DVDs on a daily basis by the year 2007

In 2007, the company also launched its video streaming services in the US, and in 2010, began the global expansion of this business.

Big Data in Netflix

Netflix uses the types of analytics, which are basically using big data for data mining, forecasting, etc.

Tracking of subscriber’s

Netflix tracked each search that a viewer made, each good or bad rating from the users and not only from third-party providers such as Nielsen. these were an addition to location data, device data, and remarks on social media.

Secondly, Netflix also knows, what subscriber’s is mostly viewed devices like laptop, tablet or phone and even know the viewer’s location zip code. Netflix store data of users like to watch on Saturday on what devices.  

Storage of Data 

With the help of Big Data, Netflix can able to store all the data from the subscribers. By the third Quarter of 2018 , Netflix adds over 137 million users from all over the worldwide.

Average amount of video users watch on Netflix per week is 1 billion.


Netflix uses ALGORITHM and HADOOP framework. By which they can track the users Viewing pattern like when the user is pausing and playing the streaming video.

With the help of Algorithm Netflix is able to collect the rating of the users.

Personalized Recommendations

Using Big data and Algorithm, Netflix can collect the users viewing pattern like user mostly liked the genre, actor, etc. Through which Netflix is able to recommend or suggest to there subscriber, based on collected data. 

Shift in Data Centers

According to observers, Netflix’s big data capabilities received a boost with the shift from the Company’s own Data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Because of facing the server problems with own data center, by which downfall of users ratings.

Helps in Creating Own Content

With the help of the Analytics and because of the collected data of users rating, most liked genre, etc. With a confident Netflix started created there own Series and Movies.

Based on which started with creating “House Of Cards” series, which was a huge success. 

By which Netflix plans to spend on original content in 2018 is $13 Billion.

Finding the Fake Users

By the help of analytics the user’s data analyzed, Netflix started finding the solutions and patch to the fake subscriber.

Fake subscriber, are those who are making the more than one account by using a virtual credit card and other sources. By which there is lose for Netflix.